Terms of use for GTK's web services and products


Important information about the terms of use for the materials on the GTK website:


The GTK website and all material therein are protected by copyright laws, other applicable laws, regulations and treaties. All rights are reserved unless otherwise stated on the website. The use of content intended for further publication, such as press releases, is permitted as long as its source is stated clearly.


Principles of the distribution and pricing of GTK's content products: https://www.gtk.fi/en/site-information/


The terms of use for the GTK products in online distribution are determined on the basis of GTK's basic or open licences (http://tupa.gtk.fi/paikkatieto/lisenssi/gtk_cc40_attribution_licence.pdf):

1.Basic licence (http://tupa.gtk.fi/paikkatieto/lisenssi/gtk_basic_licence_1.pdf)

2.Open licence (http://tupa.gtk.fi/paikkatieto/lisenssi/gtk_open_licence_2.pdf)



These terms are applied to the use of materials that are available at the website or distributed through the site, unless otherwise stated in connection with specific material, or otherwise agreed in writing.


For third party materials included in the service or content, the terms of the copyright owner apply. For photographs n usage and publication permission is required. The terms of use for photographs follow the terms of the GTK basic licence.


Image captures of the GTK website are permitted, provided that the source is stated clearly. Aseparate permission is required for commercial publication.




The accuracy and other quality factors of GTK's observation data vary, depending on factors such as the age of the material and the accuracy of base maps, other source material and individual observations, as well as methods of location, modelling, interpretation and production. Geological maps and other materials contain interpreted information, and are based on the views of the compiler of the information.


GTK is not responsible for any damage resulting from errors or deficiencies in the web distribution system or the materials, information products or services available on the website. It is recommended that users of the information products carefully read the descriptions on the data products and contact GTK when further information is required. GTK welcomes feedback on its services and data products and will use the feedback to continuously improve its service.


Terms of use for GTK's service content and products


1. Materials in GTK's web service (WEPPI) (not applied to downloaded publications)

- Basic license

- Separate permission to be requested for commercial use

- Further information: info_gtk.fi

- Use of materials and content via hyperlinks is to be preferred. Quotation of materials is, however, permissible, provided that the source is appropriately indicated. Recommended referencing: Geological Survey of Finland. Marine geology and global change. http://en.gtk.fi/research/program/marinegeology/ (date of loading)

2. Distributed content (including map services, interfaces and metadata services)

- Basic or open license (materials list)

- When a basic license is used, permission for publishing and commercial use is required

- Special terms of use for authorities' official usage

- In documents created for authorities and in scientific publications and teaching materials, it is permissible to use images created from digital materials without separate permission, provided that the source is appropriately indicated. With regard to using the material on behalf of a third party as a part of, for example, a commission carried out as a partner or subcontractor, separate permission must be acquired from GTK.

- Further information: geodata_gtk.fi

3. GTK publications including maps (both printed and electronic formats) - all rights reserved

- Quotation of text is permitted with an indication of the source.

- Non-commercial publication of an image taken from an individual publication or map is permitted with an indication of the source. Permission must be requested for commercial publication.

- Further information: info_gtk.fi


Use of log information


Log information about visits to the website and service use, as well as other contact information, is only used for statistical purposes and for the development of the GTK web service. No information about individual visits will be given to third parties.


GTK online services with exceptional terms:


Ground surveying (PTR)

- Web service: http://gtkdata.gtk.fi/Pohjatutkimukset/index.html

- Terms of use (for downloaded materials - for other materials, GTK's general terms apply): http://www.gtk.fi/kayttoehdot/pohjatutkimus_palvelun_kayttoehdot.html

Online store

- Online service: https://hakku.gtk.fi/en

- Terms of use: https://hakku.gtk.fi/en/order-and-delivery-terms


- Information about the service: https://hakku.gtk.fi/en/information-about-the-service

Online library

- Online service: https://gtk.verkkokirjasto.fi/web/arena/welcome

- Terms of use: http://gtk.verkkokirjasto.fi/web/arena/kayttoehdot